Building Public-Private Partnership to Ensure Sustainable Community Development, Stage I

Program:East East
Organization:CzechINVENT, technologická agentura, o.p.s.
Amount:341 519 CZK
The project was initiated by the Institute for Urban Development in Chisinau, Moldova with the aim of collecting information on PPP projects and other forms of cooperation between the public and private sectors in Poland and the Czech Republic. Study tour to the Czech Republic was designed by CzechINVENT Technology Agency to give examples how PPP projects are prepared and implemented at all levels: central government level, large cities (e.g. Prague), medium-sized towns (e.g. Písek, Tachov) and small towns/villages (Jinonice). The program was also designed to provide information on as many areas where PPP projects can be implemented as possible: from large transport infrastructure projects to small local projects (school canteen). Ten Moldovan representatives participated in the study tour.